The perfect tool to reward and encourage.

To accomplish the goals of your company, you need the commitment of everyone of your employees or sales. Reward has always been an effective way to improve productivity and stimulate sales, but how to organize this efficiently?

Salesboosting manages your incentive campaigns with a branded website that contains all the functionality to reward your employees with those gifts which motivate them the most – just because they can choose themselves.

Companies have access to extensive reporting functionality and can calculate the ROI on the incentive campaign. Your participants will be rewarded with small to large gifts according to the campaign, and naturally you can integrate your teambuilding events and incentive travel with this web tool.

→ reward on the basis of objective and quantifiable measures

→ calculate the ROI on incentive campaigns

→ low entry costs and many possibilities

Choose for a 16% + increase in turnover!

Recent studies in the US have shown that existing loyalty programmes result in a turnover increase of approximately 16%. Both for B2B and B2C applications. Salesboosting will increase this percentage substantially!

A revolutionary solution

Salesboosting targets companies that use a network of salesmen, dealers, brokers, agents, etc… to organise their sales.  The aim of this website is to motivate salesmen, dealers, brokers and agents more and to tie them to the parent company on every level. It is a revolutionary solution that exceeds traditional loyalty programmes.

Salesboosting wants to put an end to deliberations and missed opportunities, and produce as many winners as possible!