We’re always thinking “out of the box” with regard to the venue of your event and will find you the best location, to go with the concept. Below you’ll find some examples of venues, so-called hotspots -unique in their kind, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past years. And we’re always looking for new and exciting possibilities.

Domain Den Rooy, in Meerle, only 15 min away from Breda and 35 from Antwerp, is the perfect location for your parties, weddings and events.The beautiful green environment and stylish manor guarantee an inspired party.
A permanent tent structure with see-through sides and giving direct access to the gardens, can host up to 300 people.

A unique venue for all your conferences and seminars, ideally located only 15 min. from Breda and 35 min. from Antwerp.

The mansion lies in the middle of a beautiful green domain, with vast forests, a landscape park with grass and a pond. The building dates back to 1863, but has a beautifully renovated light interior with large rooms. The four meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art contemporary meeting infrastructure. On the ground floor het mansion has a spacious hall, a bar, a cozy restaurant and salon.For years Den Rooy is known for its fine cuisine. There are 24 rooms available for overnight seminars.

This domain lies beautifully surrounded with trees and meadows in the fertile polders of Walem. Hiding between the dikes of Nete and Dijle, still only 5 min away from the freeway exit. The original owners, the known Berthouders family, built the mansion on the vestiges of the old castle and gave the domain their name -which gradually became to sound like “Battenbroek”.
The mansion has several authentically and tastefully decorated spaces, amongst which a bar, a music room, a living room, dining room and office. Together with the renovated coach house, having a capacity of up to 100 guests, and the beautifully landscaped garden, the mansion offers a broad range of possibility.
Until now the mansion in inhabited and in private ownership, thus not open to the general public. But upon request, the gates will open for you, and you can turn to this historical domain -an unexpected stylish venue for your seminars, board meetings and b2b events.

An entire generation of Mechelen’s inhabitants knows this place as an amazing dancing café. Until the end of the eighties this was the place to be for an evening out in Mechelen and its broad surroundings. Lesser known is that this was the place of origin of the renowned Mechels Miniatuur-theater Company; with a 55-place theater hall on the first floor.
This elegant historical building, officially known as ‘huis Hemelrijck’ (House heavenly realm), was built around 1540 in gothic style. It is located in the city center of Mechelen, right across from the church of Our Lady.The warm interior design finds a subtle balance, in which the original coziness of the café – bar and design element find each other perfectly.With its 100 pax capacity, this is an ideal and exclusive location for a spectacular event.

This venue in the heart of Antwerp offers a unique view over one of Antwerp’s most impressive buildings: the central Railway station.
Ever since the original design, and even more since the renovation completed in 2009, the central station is an architectural highlights. The roof construction, shielding the platforms from the elements, was revolutionary for its time and entirely built in steel and glass. The main entrance building was built in eclectic style, with a 75m high cupola and a clock towering over the platforms.

This domain is a charming manor from the late 19th century. It is located in a green oasis, next to the town hall of Ukkel, in the heart of Brussels, and has a spacious parking area. The lush garden has been designed in French style and offers a large terrace, inviting to have your dinners outside in summer.
Immediately upon entering the mansion will charm you with its authentic characteristics: the wooden paneling, stained glass windows, original tiled flooring, … And those entering the house further will be surprised by the open space with art nouveau elements, or by the light ultra-modern design of the ‘cube’ in one of the additional buildings.This place truly has no equal in Brussels, for all your events and meetings.