Our team buildings are custom made from A to Z. Herewith you find some examples of activities we can incorporate in the teambuilding program, but the range of possibility is much broader off course.

Archery is a fun outdoor-activity which everyone enjoys: ideal as teambuilding or even to enjoy with family and friends.

You seem to shoot at real life subjects during this outdoor event. Archery demands a certain technique. Our coach gives a short introduction and … let the fun begin. The goal is to shoot f.e. following game: deer, fox, duck, boars, turkey, feasant or hare. The animals are made in foam in a very realistic way and are placed at different angles so that every shot is a challenge.

At only a 30 min. drive, we have a unique location with 65 ha of woodland and ponds where we organise this event. The Boosting Company delivers all the necessary material. Ideal for an event where you also have a big garden, park, or forest.

Each team writes its own score!
Have an absolute fun time making jembe music and using the tuned boomwhackers. After a short introduction, you’ll soon get the hang of it and be able to create your own score.

Frisbee golf is a variant of golfing, where you have to throw the frisbee into a net over long distances. A feeling for precision and concentration is needed.

The goal is to throw the disk with the least amount of throws into the net. This fun activity can be undertaken with friends and family, but is also ideal as a teambuilding event for your company. It has become very popular since the 70’s in the USA,  but is not very well known in Europe.

The Boosting Company has all the material to organize this at a location.  We own also a green estate where the ponds and statues will ensure enough obstacles to tease the Frisbee golfer.

Sportive GPS game in the woods, where different teams compete in different challenges.

Learn what to listen for through the coaching of a professional
A fun and accessible introduction into the world of classical music by Robert Groslot, the famous director who with his orchestra Il Novecento accompanied hundreds of world stars. Amongst others Aznavour, Iglesias, Pavarotti Bocelli, Joe Cocker, Simple Minds, Grace Jones, Adamo, Toots, Zucchero, Cliff Richard, Rodger Hodgson, James Brown, Toto, Björk, and many more.

A real Belgian specialty!
Under the qualified guidance of a master chocolatier, you’ll be able to make the most delicious creations yourself.

An art it is indeed, where you’ll find the subtle balance of mixing ingredients and shaking…
And… enjoy the bottle juggling by our instructor.
Also available with non-alcoholic beverages.

Let’s you create your own jewel out of soap stone, a soft stone, easy to carve. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful results…

Creating a work of art, each team member contributing to the larger picture. A workshop with a ton of possibilities… contact us for more information.

A fun way to discover the most beautiful places, on these trendy scooters. With a teambuilding element and challenges along the way, if you like those.

A fun way to discover the most beautiful places, on these solex motors. With a teambuilding element and challenges along the way, if you like those.

Segway. Always fun at any activity rate: from a tour at leisure and chance to chat, to an active game of Segway polo. Also try our amazing forrest tour at Den Rooy, with special off-road segways.