Personalized website

Salesboosting designs and manages a personalized website for the participating businesses.

→ own house style:  every website can be adapted to the house style of the business.

→ bespoke URL: every business is able to determine on which Internet address the incentive site can be accessed.

→ own parameters: every business is able to set the desired parameters itself.

→ choice of promotions: businesses can choose between 1 or several promotions such as a gift shop, for instance.

→ time limits: you can choose to limit the promotions in time.

→ always up-to-date: by validating the sales results on the site.

→ inexpensive database: registration on the site automatically results in an accurate database.


Salesboosting also allows promotions to be personalised towards subgroups of users. In this way the not so successful participants don’t miss out. Less chances of demotivation or even deactivation! Salesboosting is the perfect tool to reach that  80%  segment of salesmen, dealers, agents,… and to encourage them to achieve good results. In this way the group of small users will undoubtedly grow!
Successful salesmen, and others, can be permanently motivated by organising them as a separate subgroup and to program other targets and incentives for them.

Always up-to-date

Of course, the system only works if the sales results are kept up to date and validated on the incentive site. The sales manager receives a separate login and password for an instant overview of the situation in 1 or several promotions at all times. This allows you to anticipate the situation and adjust where necessary.

Inexpensive database

After every new visit to the site, the registration information is automatically verified. The advantage is that the database with names, positions, addresses, mobile phone numbers,… is always up-to-date. A simple way to ensure the database of salesmen, dealers, agents,… is current and accurate at all times. It saves you money as well because updating an existing and old database can cost up to 6 euro per address! Again, the Salesboosting approach is therefore very efficient.